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Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download Login App or Co-Win Portal in India. Now Covid Vaccination Certificate Download & Verification using, Umang App, DigiLocker, Aarogya Setu, Without Beneficiary Id or Reference ID, using Aadhar Card details here. Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Cowin App will be issued from different methods. All the individuals who are planning to get vaccinated whether your first dose or second get your Vaccination certificate download. You can download the certificate of Covid-19 vaccination in India just from your mobile number too Aadhar Card. What will be the procedure to download the Covid19 Vaccination Certificate from the different methods along with the latest update is briefing below.

Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download Using UMANG App

It is mandatory to download the  Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate through different methods. There are various uses of vaccination certificates as well. In some states, the government has made it mandatory for their government employees to have a vaccine certificate in India else their salary will be deducted. It is also important to link passport details with the COVID19 vaccination certificate. Thus, check here steps to download Covid vaccination Certificate through Umang App:

  1. Download the Umang App from the play store if you haven’t downloaded it before.
  2. You need to check the tab what’s New. Under this tab, you will get the option CoWin.
  3. Further, go to this option and click on covid-19 certificate for vaccination download.
  4. Enter your mobile number. Add the OTP further to it.
  5. Then, add the beneficiary name correctly.
  6. Download Certificate of Covid-19 vaccination from Umang App.


Latest News Covid Vaccine Certificate

Update – For those who face difficulties in getting the vaccine certificate from the Kovin portal or app, theMinistry of Health has started the facility to get the certificate on WhatsApp. To get the vaccination certificate for yourself, you have to send a message from your mobile to a WhatsApp number. After this, he will get the vaccine certificate within a few seconds.

हाल ही में केंद्र ने कहा कि कोविड -19 टीकाकरण प्रमाण पत्र केवल उन टीकों के लिए जारी किए जाएंगे, जिन्हें देश में आपातकालीन उपयोग के लिए मंजूरी मिली है, और केवल ऐसे स्वयंसेवकों को जिन्होंने ऐसे टीकों के परीक्षण में भाग लिया है। देश के कई हिस्सों में कोरोना के ताज़ा मामलो में उछाल देखने को मिल रही है जो की तीसरी लहर का संकेत हो सकता है| इसलिए पुरे बचाव के साथ मास्क पहने और टिक्काकरण करवाए|

Now your covid certificate will also display the dates of both the doses, along with the vaccination status. Till now the certificate show ‘partly vaccinated’ after the first dose and ‘fully vaccinated’ after both doses. There are reports of the Kerala government not accepting the certificate issued with the elephant logo in many countries. So be aware of this thing if you are going foreign. This is happening when the first dose is taken from the CoWIN portal and the second dose through the state government. Obtaining a vaccination certificate is getting difficult as CoWin portal is not recognized in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Download Covid Certificate of vaccination through CoWin Portal

We all know that CoWin website has been widely used by everyone for multi-purposes. From getting vaccination dates to getting the option for downloading Covid-19 Final Certificate After 2 dose vaccination. Here are following steps which are as follows:

  1. Go to the CoWin website first.
  2. There go to the option Sign In and then Log in by using your details.
  3. Once you enter the dashboard you will see your own dates of vaccination of the First and second dose.
  4. Now there you will find the option to download CoWin Certificate.
  5. Tap the download link and make the easy download further.

An Anti-Corona vaccination certificate is getting important day by day, so keep it updated. The Co-WIN portal has given the user an option to link their vaccination certificate with their passport number. The Beneficiary who are getting difficulty downloading a certificate after taken 2 Dose, now they can merge and get the Final Certificate. The Process is very easy to download your Cowin Vaccine certificate online and link to your Passport if you travel abroad.

Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate through Arogya Setu App

You all must be heard about Arogya Setu App from the beginning. Arogya Setu App was the first application designed by the government of India for locating any Covid-19 patient near you. Thus giving you daily updates on Covid-19 cases. Here are the following steps:

  1. Initially open Arogya Setu App from the Google play store if you do not have it in your mobile phone.
  2. Now on the top of the App you will see CoWin tab. Click on it.
  3. Log In or Register for the application if needed.
  4. Now add the 13 digit beneficiary number and proceed further.
  5. You will encounter a download link, press it.
  6. Download the Covid-19 vaccination certificate now.

How to download CoWin Covid Vaccination Certificate from DigiLocker?

Here are some simple steps to download a Vaccination certificate from Digi Locker. For years Digi Locker is been widely used to store government documents safely.

  1. Download Digi Locker if you want to download the Vaccination certificate first.
  2. Navigate to the Central Government tab.
  3. There you will see a tab of the Ministry of Family welfare. Click on that.
  4. You will be asked further to enter a 13 digit beneficiary ID. Add the details correctly.
  5. Then you will get a link Certificate download. Hence proceed further to download the certificate.

*Remember that you must have registered earlier in Digi Locker and must have the details.

Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate through Mobile Number & Beneficiary ID

Through Mobile Number: In all the sections of downloading the certificate, you must need the mobile number. Without adding the mobile number you will not able to proceed further.

Beneficiary ID or Reference ID:  This will be a 13 digit number that will be needed in Digi Locker App and Arogya Setu App particularly.

Similarly, you can download the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate by using your Adhaar Card too. If you have forgotten Beneficiary ID then retrieve using Mobile number. The Government is providing Vaccine Certificate to download and print after 1st and 2nd Dose to vaccinated people to use everywhere. If find any mistake in details on the certificate that we can correct it by following proper procedure.

How to changes to incorrect details on vaccination certificate

The beneficiary who has to take 1 dose or 2 doses now gets a Provisional and Final Cowin Vaccine Certificate. Many users get errors in various aspects like Name, DOB, Gender or photo ID number, Address, and many more. Generally, a double vaccination problem occurs when two different phone numbers are used at the time of registration.

  1. Browse then move to the top and click on Register/sign to open the account.
  2. Provide the registered phone number given at the time of vaccination then click on get OTP.
  3. Enter the most recent OTP and click on Verify to proceed.
  4. Now at the top and click on Raise an issue option > Select the member > Choose Correction in the certificate.
  5. In self-correction, you can choose any two details to modify on your vaccine certificate among Name, Date of birth, Gender, and Aadhaar card number/ PAN card/ passport number.
  6. Change your incorrect information then click on Continue and again click on Submit. That’s It.

For additional assistance our comment box is open. So write your query without giving personal information like Phone Number, Address, etc, and strictly avoid foul language. We will happy to help you.

FAQs about Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

How to Download Covid Vaccine Certificate without Beneficiary Id or Reference ID?

The people can use CoWin Portal and Umang if they want to download Covid Vaccine Certification without Reference ID or Beneficiary ID.

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate without Mobile Number and Aadhar Card?

There is no method for download a Vaccine Certificate without a Mobile number. In all methods, you need at Least Mobile details.

How to download Covid Vaccine Certificate?

It is very simple, just login into your account at CoWin Portal, you will see the option of download right there.

Why do I need a Covid vaccination certificate?

Covid Vaccination certificate is a verifiable proof of vaccination that you can use as proof that has been vaccinated.

Can I get a vaccine certificate after a single dose?

Yes, you can.


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