Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our site are-

The site EduAssam.Com is run by EduAssam Team Including

Here are some FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) which is considered as this will help you to know well of the website-

Q1. What is the Website www.eduassam.com about for?

Answer: The website www.eduassam.com is Created to provide you latest information about latest Job information, Educational Information, Exams, Exam Results and many more.

Q2. Why do we visit your website?

Answer: EduAssam is fully dedicated to provide supports to the viewers who are getting any problem regarding online apply , any confusions related to  any post, and we are ready to provide our best to help you into any matter feel free to contact us.

Q3. How do we contact EduAssam?

Answer: You can contact us by our WhatsApp Support No. 7002512676 (For instant Reply)  or you can Email us at   eduassam2019@gmail.com  or if you are using mobile device you can contact by clicking on the WhatsApp icon floating on the left bottom of the site.

Q4. How do you earn?

Answer: For now we are focusing only in the Developement and growth of the site, later we will connect our site with the giant advertisement network Adsense.

Q5. How we can get notification of latest updates?

Answer: For now we are supporting three methods to notify viewers about our latest updates through-

1. WhatsApp Group (Click here to join)

2. Email alert by feedburner, and

3. Browser notification , please click allow to get notified when the popup shown to you and also don’t forget to subscribe through feedburner Email alert.

Q6. From where you get Latets job updates?

Answer: We get updates of latest job information from Newspapers and from official websites of Department through the Internet.

Q7. What others services you provide?

Ans. Click here to know more.

Q8. Which hosting you are using?

Answer: none