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Top 10 You Tubers in Assam 2021 | Assamese Youtube channel



Top 10 YouTubers in Assam 2021

In this article, you can know about the Top 10 You Tubers in Assam 2021. Voice Assam, Dimpu Baruah, Sunny Golden, and many more… You tube is a platform where people can show their talent and achieve success. In the Last 3 or 4 years, the popularity of You tube has increased in India as well as in Assam.

We can find the countless video on You tube and YouTube can also provide endless opportunities to enrich our e Learning course, we can also create our own video and upload on you tube to help our audience to accomplish their learning ambition and course.

Nowadays you tube is going to very popular in Assam. So, we have collected the name of the Top 10 Assamese You tubers and their earnings on the basis of recent popularity and this is our own statistics. Here we share with you only the Top 10 You Tubers in Assam 2021.

Top 10 Assamese You tubers channel 2021

You Tube Channel              Subscribes

Voice Assam                                1.62M

Dimpu’s Vlogs                             1.68M

Dimpu Baruah                             1.23M

Digital Sahay                               643K

Assamese Mixture                       694K

Sunny Golden                               586K

Nilotpal Chaliha                           619K

Mr. Raja                                         607K

Daily Tips                                       522K

Assamor Deka                               454K

Top 10 You Tubers in Assam Name & Monthly Earnings Report 2021 | Assamese You Tubers

1.Voice Assam

Voice Assam No.1 You Tube channel in Assam. this Youtube channel Has 1.6 Subscribers. Voice Assam is an exceptional Youtube channel. This Channel’s goal is to look good, learn well, and always laugh.

Total Subscriber= 1.62 M

Video Uploads: 386

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $5K – $48.4 K

Video Views= 766656127

2. Dimpu Baruah – Dimpu’s vlogs:

With over 1.61M subscribers Dimpu Baruah is a very popular YouTuber of Assam. He is a teacher and he makes videos like the way he teaches his students. He had joined youtube in Feb 22,2012. He generally uploads technical videos that are based on information he found on google, you tube, etc. Besides technical, he also uploads his thinking on a particular topic through videos.

Total Subscriber= 1.68 M

Video Uploads: 420

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $6K – $48.4 K

Video Views= 243126925

3.Dimpu Baruah – Dimpu Baruah Channel

Dimpu Baruah 2nd popular Assamese youtube channel Dimpu Baruah  with 1.21 M subscribers. He generally uploads on the Dimpu Baruah youtube channel technical, knowledgeable videos, all videos are based on information relative. Dimpu Baruah upload besides technical thinking on a particular subject through his videos.

Total Subscriber= 1.23 M

Video Uploads: 828

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $2K – $48.4 K

Video Views= 127994816

4. Chitraranjan Nath ( Digital Sahay Youtube Channel )

With over 642k subscribers to his channel digital Sahay, Chittaranjan Nath is one of the Most Popular You Tubers In Assam. Chittaranjan created his YouTube channel digital Sahay on April 16,2018 started publishing videos in regional language Assamese about technology, smartphones,knowledge-based technological videos, reviews, unboxing, etc. His videos are very helpful and informative, and his way of presenting is easy to learn for anyone. Chittaranjan Nath is one of the fastest-growing popular Assamese YouTubers.

Total Subscriber= 643K

Video Uploads: 341

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $1K – 3.4k

Video Views= 13801289

5. Bhukhan Pathak (Assamese Mixture Youtube Channel)

With over 687k subscribers to his channel Assamese Mixture, he is one of the Most Popular YouTubers In ASSAM. He created his YouTube channel on 15 June 2017. Assamese mixture channel is one of the most popular channels for Assamese star interviews, Assamese film news, box office prediction, film review video, etc.

Total Subscriber= 634K

Video Uploads: 1.3k

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $2 – $4.3K

Video Views= 133459960

6. Sunny Golden – You tube Channel

Sunny Golden is the 6th Popular You tube channel in Assam youth. Sunny Golden ia an Assamese entertainment youtube channel with 581k subscribers. This youtube channel uploads Assamese comedy videos. Sunny Golden Uploads all videos are only for entertainment. Sunny Golden Facebook and Instagram: Sunny Golden.

Total Subscriber= 586 k

Video Uploads: 51

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $2- $7.3K

Video Views= 50771940

7. Hemlata – Daily Tips

This is a beauty and health-related Assamese YouTube channel. This channel owns by Hemlata with 517k subscribers. This channel reviewing some of the items and discussing how people become beautiful and healthy by using naturally occurring items at home.

Total Subscriber= 522k

Video Uploads: 664

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $1- $2.3K

Video Views= 47279418

8.Nilotpal Chaliha

Nilotpal Chaliha is a completely exceptional YouTube channel. This Assamese YouTube channel owned by Nilotpal Chaliha with 605k subscribers. In this channel, Assamese serial related, Assamese artists, Assamese actors, and singers, film box office, new film news, etc.

Total Subscriber= 619K

Video Uploads: 1000

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $1.5- $5.3K

Video Views= 116423447

9. Raja Das – Mr. Raja

Top 10 YouTuber in Assam 2021: Mr. Raja is a popular Assamese Roast, Fun, Entertainment, YouTube channel. This YouTube channel owned by Raja Das with 603k subscribers. In this channel, Assamese roasting videos uploads only for entertainment.

Total Subscriber= 607K

Video Uploads: 360

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $2- $5.3K

Video Views= 59196142

10. Assamor Deka

Assamor Deka YouTube Channel is an entertainment-related channel with 451k subscribers. This YouTube channel video uploads on Assamese Roast, Fun, Entertainment, etc

Total Subscriber= 454k

Video Uploads: 643

Estimated Monthly Earnings = $1- $3.2K

Video Views= 51954874



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